Frequently Asked Questions - MASSAGE



If a treatment is listed as XX minutes, how long will the whole appointment take?

The timings as listed on this website is the time you will have to enjoy your treatment and receive aftercare advice and recommendations personalised to you.

You will also need to factor in additional time for a short consultation prior to your massage as well as a few extra minutes to pay for your treatment and arrange your next visit. I also have a small range of retails products that you may wish to purchase or ask questions about, if you desire.

Can I have a massage if I have sensitive skin / skin allergies / nut allergies?

Yes. I have a number of oils designed for those with sensitive skin or nut allergies. If you have areas of sensitivity that are uncomfortable to massage we can simple miss those areas out. For severe allergies please contact me prior to booking. 

A consultation will take place before the treatment to check that it is safe / suitable for you to have a massage. 


Do I have to take all of my clothes off?

At no point will you be 'exposed' during a massage. All clients must keep their lower underwear on at all times. 

You will get undressed in private, get on to the massage bed and then cover yourself in large towels.

The only areas on show at any one time, will be the area that I am massaging. 


Should I talk during a massage?

Most people prefer to close their eyes and drift off. No talking is necessary, other than to let me know if the pressure is ok.

Music will be played during the massage to allow you to completely unwind. 


Will I be in pain after my massage?

Some people experience aches and pains due to their muscles being manipulated - this often occurs the day after a massage and is completely normal. This is more likely to occur when receiving a firm pressure massage or if you have muscle tension that has been worked on. We call this a 'healing crisis' i.e. when something gets worse before it gets better. 


I've had a massage before but didn't like the pressure.

After a few minutes in to the massage, you will be asked if the pressure is ok. If it is not to your liking, please feel free to say so. Everyone is different and whilst some people like the pressure to be firm, others prefer a more gentle approach. Please note that I do not offer Deep Tissue or Sports Massage. 

I'm worried that I'll feel self-concious.

I've done hundreds of massages and I've treated people of every shape and size. There really isn't anything to feel worried about. When I massage, I'm so focused on what I'm doing that I won't even notice if you have stretch makes, cellulite or hairy legs. If you arrive at your appointment feeling anxious, please do say so. 

I have an injury / I'm an athlete / I have an athletic event coming up - can you help?

I do not offer medical massages or sports massage. If you have chronic muscle tension, swelling, have specific areas of pain due to an athletic event or injury then I'd recommend you see someone who provides a medical or Sports Massage service. 


Why do you need to know my personal information & medical history?

Massage effects your body in so many ways and therefore it is important for me to determine whether massage is safe and appropriate for you. Plus, it can also indicate areas that I should avoid, i.e. if you have had a recent injury or if you have a skin condition etc.

In some cases it also allows me to decide what massage medium will work best for you. 


Can I have a massage if I'm pregnant?

I am a fully accredited Pregnancy Massage Therapist. Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed by those over 13 weeks pregnant. If you have any medical conditions associated with your pregnancy it may not be suitable for you to have a treatment, so please contact me to discuss any concerns that you may have prior to booking. 



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