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Melt away your tensions with a wonderfully relaxing massage treatment at my studio in the lovely little village of Plumley in Knutsford.  Massage therapy is designed to soothe you physically and emotionally. Regular treatments will help relieve stress, aches and pains and leave you feeling uplifted.

Click here to see answers to some frequently asked questions.  

Back Massage

Relaxing and stimulating Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage using natural coconut oil.

Performed in light to medium-firm pressure. For very firm pressure please seek Deep Tissue.

30 minutes


Never Ending Body Massage

90 Minute treatment - for those who never want their massages to end. Full body massage, scalp massage and facial massage.

90 minutes


Hot Stone Body Massage

Traditional stone therapy fully body massage to deeply relax the body and mind, relieve muscle and joint pains and increase circulation. 

60 minutes treatment


Body Massage

Swedish massage is relaxing as well as stimulating.

Spa style gliding strokes will allow you unwind, whilst kneading techniques will gently break down tension.

55 Minutes


Hot Stone Back Massage

Our most popular massage. Heated basalt stones are used with traditional hot stone massage techniques to deeply relax and relieve muscle and joint pains.

30 minutes treatment


Never Ending 

Stone Massage

The ultimate 90 minute hot stone body massage. Top to toe relaxation! Enjoy heated basalt stones from your face to your feet, perfection! Perfect after a difficult day when you need help to destress and unwind.

90 minutes treatment


Indian Head Massage

Traditional seated Indian Head Massage; stimulating & rhythmic movements to the upper back, neck, scalp and face. Known to relieve tension, aid sleep and provide a feeling of calm.   

35 minutes treatment


After Your Massage Treatment...

- Rest! ...get the most our of your massage and give your muscles time to recover 

- Drink plenty of water and minimise caffeine and alcohol intake for 12 hours

- Eat a light meal to refuel your body

- Wrap up, as you may feel the cold a little more than usual

- If possible, continue to relax for the rest of the day and get an early night. 


Click here to see answers to some frequently asked questions about massage. 


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